Here at Executive Honda, we’ve seen firsthand how the car market is changing. More drivers have been searching for larger vehicles, like crossovers and SUVs. Other drivers prefer a “green” car, like a hybrid or a fully-electric car. If you’re interested in a green car, but haven’t taken the plunge just yet, the Honda brand is introducing a model that could be a perfect entry point to the electric vehicle market.


The new Honda Clarity will come in three different varieties. Drivers can choose from a hydrogen-powered, plug-in hybrid, or electric version. We think that the electric version could be just the right Honda car to introduce you to the green vehicle market.


One of the big advantages of the electric Honda Clarity will be cost. This EV is designed to be less expensive than the typical electric model. So if a high price tag dissuaded you from buying one before, that’s not a problem now. The Honda Clarity also doesn’t look like many of the fully-electric cars you’ve seen before. Instead, you’ll find a roomy sedan that can seat the whole family comfortably. This will be one of the most spacious green cars around because you won’t be carrying more battery than you need. With the latest Honda safety technology, cutting-edge in-car technology, and an 80 mile range, the electric Honda Clarity will be the perfect eco-friendly vehicle for running errands or completing your daily commute.


So when you’re looking for an innovative car that offers efficiency and affordability, visit our Honda dealership near New Haven, CT today. Our dealers will make it easy to find the perfect vehicle for you and your family. We hope to see you soon for a test drive!