When you visit us here at Executive Honda, you won’t just find cars that are reliable. The Honda brand is also focused on performance and each of our models delivers a fun driving experience. From small cars like the 2017 Honda Civic to SUVs like the 2017 Honda Pilot, you’ll love driving our vehicles. Now, the automaker is investing more than 100 million dollars in a new wind tunnel facility that will ensure that our cars keep giving drivers an exhilarating experience for years to come.


The new wind tunnel will be built at the Transportation Research Center in Ohio. It will be able to test out typical vehicles as well as advanced sports cars. Even race cars could be put through their paces here. These cars will be tested out at speeds of up to 192 miles per hour. A series of cameras and microphones will give engineers the feedback they need to ensure that wind noise is never a problem in Honda cars.


When this 124 million dollar facility comes online, it will serve the aeroacoustic and aerodynamic research needs of Honda engineers. Now you’ve probably heard the word aerodynamic before, but aeroacoustic might be new to you. This is the study of the noise created by aerodynamic forces. One example is how fast winds interact with the surface of an object, like a car. An advanced facility like this is the key to developing vehicles that won’t ruin a great ride with wind noise. This wind tunnel won’t just be used to test out new Honda cars though. It will be rented out to other researchers who need it as well.


When you’re looking for an automaker that always commits to quality, visit our Honda dealership near Branford, CT. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect new or used vehicle.