At Executive Honda, we don’t just make it our job to sell you a new vehicle that you’ll love. We also do everything we can to help you keep your car, truck, or SUV in top shape. That’s why we want to help you out with some battery care tips this winter. Your car battery could experience some issues when the temperature drops, but fortunately we’re here to assist you.

Your battery is so important because it helps your vehicle start. If you don’t take proper care of your battery, you might end up stuck in the cold this winter. Extreme temperatures can hurt the performance of your battery, which it why it pays to take a closer look before you hit the road.

One thing that you can do is check for corrosion. This can gather on the cables and connectors of your battery, affecting its functionality. The experts in our Honda service center can also search for corrosion and test the battery load to make sure it’s in good condition. If you need a replacement, we’ll help you find it.

There are also some operating tips that you should keep in mind this winter. Make sure that you don’t leave your lights on when you leave the car. Forgetting this simple thing could drain your battery, leaving it without power when you need it most. Also, don’t put too much stress on your battery as soon as your car has started up in cold weather. Wait a bit before turning on your heat, radio, and other features that could drain the battery.

Whether you’re shopping for a pre-owned Honda car or you just need some maintenance on your current vehicle, make our new Honda dealership serving New Haven your first stop. We can help you find a car you love and keep it running smoothly for years to come. We look forward to meeting you!