At Executive Honda, we’re not just a dealership. We sell some dependable vehicles, but even a reliable model like the 2018 Honda CR-V needs some work done from time to time. That’s why we also employ some talented mechanics here at our service center. We’ll do everything we can to help you get ready for summer, and one thing we can do is help with brake maintenance.

Your vehicle’s brake system is made up of many different parts, which is why you really need an expert to take a look at each component. To ensure that your brakes are working well, the mechanics in our Honda service center will look at parts like the brake fluid reservoir, which stores the brake fluid that keeps this system responding properly. There are the brake lines, which take that fluid where it needs to go. Then there are parts like brake rotors, calipers, and brake pads that all work together to bring the vehicle to a stop. Sometimes these components need to be replaced, and we’ll find the OEM parts you need to take on the summer driving you’ve been looking forward to.

Brake upkeep is especially important during the summer months. Naturally, you need brakes that work well on your commute, which is why we’re ready to help all year round. That being said, people tend to drive more in the summer. You might be taking a road trip to an unfamiliar area. You might be running into more traffic. We’ll make sure that your brakes are ready for anything.

So when you want to make sure that your Honda vehicle is in top shape, there’s only one place to go. Visit our Honda dealership near New Britain, CT and talk to the experts at our service center. We’ll help you get back on the road in no time.