In recent years, drivers looking for a new green car have seen some serious tech upgrades and new choices arriving on the market. Here at Executive Honda, we’re proud to offer a variety of fuel-efficient new Honda models that can help drivers in the Branford, CT area lower their carbon footprint. We’re also excited to see that the Honda brand is working on new features that could really help green cars take off, including fast charging technology that can get you back on the road quickly.

One of the things that’s kept some people from buying an electric car is “range anxiety.” This means that drivers are worried that a battery-powered vehicle won’t be able to get them from point A to point B without requiring a recharge. Many modern and upcoming green vehicles address this, but another obstacle is how long electric cars can take to charge. No one wants to wait around while their vehicle recharges, delaying their commute or road trip.

That’s why the Honda franchise wants its electric cars to be capable of charging in just 15 minutes. By 2022, some Honda EVs will be able to add around 150 miles of range in just one quick charging session. These vehicles will come outfitted with new batteries that can benefit from the latest charging technology. Right now the fastest chargers operate at 150 kW, but 350 kW chargers are in the works. We look forward to seeing how the next generation of electric Honda vehicles takes advantage of this emerging tech!

If you’re wondering “where’s a dependable Honda dealership near me?” visit Executive Honda today. We’re ready to answer your questions about the newest models, the Honda financing process, and more. We look forward to assisting you!