When you buy a new car at our dealership, we know that you’ll want to keep it looking great for years to come. That’s why we’re also a fully-equipped service center here at Executive Honda. We have the skills, equipment, and official Honda parts needed to repair any cosmetic damage that may happen to your Honda vehicle.

Cosmetic damage may not affect the mechanical performance of your vehicle, but it can be unsightly. If you’re tired of looking at damage, we can help you at our Honda service center. One of the most common forms of cosmetic damage that we see are dents and damage to a car’s paint job. Wind, hail storms, and a light tap from another vehicle can give your vehicle an unsightly new quirk. We can fix the damage and get your car to look brand new once again.

It’s not just about looks though. Some types of cosmetic damage can also present a safety hazard. A cracked windshield looks bad, but it can also reduce visibility and make you and your fellow motorists less safe on the road. We can find you a new windshield and install it for you. We can also help you out if you have cosmetic tire damage.

Our service center is conveniently located for many Connecticut drivers. We offer frequent specials on parts and maintenance services. We can even handle some tasks–like checking your wheel alignment–for free. There’s no reason to go anywhere else when your vehicle has cosmetic damage to fix.

So visit our Honda dealership and service center near New Haven today. Our mechanics will help you keep your car in top shape and we’re ready to help you with any of your automotive needs. We hope to see you soon!