Here at Executive Honda, we appreciate the rich and storied history of the Honda brand. This company has created some iconic vehicles over the years, and one thing that separates them from many modern models is obvious. We’re talking about a manual transmission. While cars like the 2018 Honda Civic  are still available with a six-speed manual, the time-honored skill of “driving stick” has become rarer in recent years. At one recent event, the Honda brand tried to change that.

Manual transmissions used to be far more common, but now it can feel like they’ve been relegated to specific models or vehicles for “enthusiasts.” At the recent “Shifting Gears” event in California, the Honda brand made it its goal to show more drivers what a car with a manual transmission can do. A variety of Honda cars with manual transmissions were on display for drivers who were curious about what it’s like to drive stick.

Newer models like the Honda Accord and Honda Fit were available, but some old classics also got some time to shine. Drivers who were just learning about manual transmissions got to take vehicles like the Honda Civic CVCC and the Honda S2000 CR for a spin in low-speed areas. Drivers with a bit more experience got to take these impressive cars out on the highway. A number of new drivers got to have their first experience with a manual transmission that day, and we hope that the Honda brand holds more events like this to make sure that driving stick isn’t a skill that’s limited to performance car enthusiasts.

So when you’re searching for a dependable car that offers plenty of options, talk to our Connecticut Honda dealers. We’ll help you find the perfect car, whether you prefer an automatic or manual transmission. We hope to see you soon for a test drive!