Here at Executive Honda, we know that many of our vehicles have long and storied histories. The Honda brand has been building dependable vehicles for a long time, and the new Honda car you’re driving today is influenced by the models of the past. In fact, the Honda brand is celebrating a big anniversary this month: it’s been building cars in the United States for 35 years.

This is a big milestone. The first Honda Accord was built in the Us in November of 1982. The Marysville, OH plant where it was manufactured was the first factory opened by a Japanese automaker in the United States. We may take it for granted now because so many Honda vehicles are built in this country, but at the time, this was a big deal.

The Honda brand was able to invest in manufacturing operations in the United States because its vehicles–namely the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic–had attracted attention from American drivers. Right now, crossovers and SUVs may be all the rage, but back then, the sensible sedan was the king of the highway. The Honda Accord remains popular in its tenth generation, though.

The opening of this plant paved the way for more assembly lines and supplier facilities. Last year, Japanese automakers built nearly four million vehicles in the United States, and that number could rise even higher. One thing we know for certain is that the Honda brand is here to stay.

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