When you drive a Honda car, you know that you’re driving a vehicle that’s been put through its paces and tested in rough conditions. Whether you’re behind the wheel of a dependable sedan like the 2017 Honda Accord or an SUV like the capable 2017 Honda CR-V, you know that these vehicles won’t let you down when things get tough. Now, the Honda brand has reopened its Proving Center in California, a facility that will help it keep pushing Honda models to the limit.


Here at Executive Honda, we don’t just offer reliable cars. The vehicles on our lot also offer an amazing driving experience. That’s partially thanks to the testing done at facilities like the Honda Proving Center. This spot in the Mojave Desert has received some upgrades and is ready to put your favorite models to the test.


The renovated facility offers a 7.5-mile banked oval track and a 4.5-mile road course that serve as the perfect testing grounds for many of the cars you’ll find at our Honda dealership near New Haven, CT. These courses are designed to show off the full performance potential of each car and help Honda engineers make new improvements.


The Honda Proving Center also has a gravel course. This stretch of rough road is the perfect way to test out off-road vehicles. There’s even a massive vehicle dynamics testing location. Everything learned from experiments with the test cars used at this facility is used to make the Honda cars you love even better. It’s all a part of the brand’s continued commitment to performance.


So when you want to get behind the wheel of a dependable car that’s anything but boring, talk to one of our Honda dealers. We’ll make it easy to find a Honda vehicle that you’ll love. We can’t wait to meet you!