Here at Executive Honda, we know that the Honda brand is always working on new innovations that we can look forward to. One big trend in the auto industry right now is the rising popularity of green cars. We recently covered the 2018 Honda Clarity here on this blog, but that’s just the beginning. Now it looks like Honda engineers are hard at work on the next generation of batteries.

At the moment, green cars are usually powered by lithium-ion batteries. The next step is the development of solidstate batteries. These differ from the ones we’re used to in a few key ways. A lithium-ion battery uses a liquid or gel-based electrolyte, while the solid-state battery uses a solid electrolyte.

This gives the solid-state battery an advantage. A new Honda car that’s equipped with this power source would be able to travel farther on a smaller battery. Drivers want their electric car to have an impressive range, but big batteries can be costly and weigh down the vehicle. A solid-state battery could eliminate that issue. This power source would also take less time to charge.

As automakers prepare to build more electric cars, they know that costs need to come down while range improves. A solid-state battery can help with both, eliminating “range anxiety” and the sticker shock that some drivers experience when they see a green car on a dealer’s lot. A solid-state battery could appear in vehicles just a few years from now, and we think that will help the electric car market really take off.

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