If you’re anything like the car enthusiasts here at Executive Honda, you’re always on the lookout for new Honda vehicles. Whether it’s a new model year or there’s a big auto show coming up, we know that there’s always something to look forward to from the Honda brand. One concept we’re particularly interested in is the Honda Sports EV Concept. This new green car is sure to turn some heads when it debuts at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of this month.

The Honda Sports EV Concept is a sleek electric vehicle with a minimalist style. It’s based on the same platform as the Honda Urban EV concept, which looked similar to a Honda Civic, but the Sports EV is more reminiscent of the classic Honda Prelude and Honda S2000. These performance cars serve as a template for this electric concept, which shows that green cars don’t need to be boring. This vehicle doesn’t sacrifice style for sustainability.

The main goal of this concept car is to serve as a showcase for advanced artificial intelligence technology. This vehicle uses AI to make it a closer companion for its driver. The Sports EV is more than a car. It’s an extension of the driver. Honda engineers want you to feel a sense of unity with this vehicle every time you get behind the wheel. We’re not sure if this concept will make it to production in the same form, but we’re excited to see if this unique AI technology will make it into new Honda cars.

So if you’re shopping for cars that offer style and efficiency, visit our Honda dealership near Branford. While this exciting concept vehicle is a long ways away from reaching our showroom, we can make it easy to find a new vehicle that you’ll love. Our friendly and knowledgeable Honda dealers look forward to meeting you!