The warm weather is here and we know that you’ve probably been waiting to take a road trip in your 2018 Honda Accord all year long. Before you go though, it pays to make sure that your tires are in top shape. Tires that are well cared for can keep you safer and save you money, so some tips from Executive Honda can help make your summer driving season even better.

When the temperature rises, your tire pressure can rise as well. This can cause your tires to interact with the road differently, because less of the tire is actually making contact with the pavement. This can mean uneven wear and tear, shortening the life of your tires. It can also affect your handling and braking, while making your tires more prone to damage. In short, over-inflated tires can be the source of many automotive issues.
That’s why you need to check the inside of your driver side door to see what the right tire pressure is for your vehicle. Then get a tire gauge and make sure that your tires are properly inflated before traveling. These small steps can make a big difference.

The hot road and outdoor temperatures can also put more stress on your tires all summer long, so you’ll want to look for potential issues and signs of damage before any long road trips. You might be able to spot obvious problems like puncture marks or bald spots, but we really suggest that you bring your car into our Honda service center. Our trained technicians can spot any problems, get them fixed, and get you out on the road in no time!

So before you get on the road this summer, visit our Honda experts and make sure that your tires are ready for the season. The mechanics at our Honda dealership serving New Britain, CT are ready to help. We look forward to helping you out this summer!